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Blanche Jewell named 2016 LMHPCO’s Heart of Hospice Award Winner

August 22nd, 2016

Blanche Jewell, Pointe Coupee Hospice Volunteer Coordinator, has been named the 2016 LMHPCO’s Heart of Hospice Award Winner! On July 28, 2016 during the annual LMHPCO Conference at the Loews Hotel in New Orleans the winners were presented with the award and recognized. Jenny Settoon, LCSW for Pointe Coupee Hospice, introduced Blanche to the audience that included invited guests of Blanche- family, friends and co-workers.The Heart of Hospice is an annual award presented by the Louisiana-Mississippi Hospice and Palliative Care Organization (LMHPCO). The recipient of this award is a hospice team member from each of the two states who has demonstrated outstanding achievements in hospice and end-of-life care. The individual’s history and relationship to hospice care, accomplishments, and contributions that go above and beyond everyday job duties are considered when choosing the award winner.

Individuals who have experience in hospice understand that being a hospice care provider is more than just a job. It requires a level of dedication and commitment to excellence that only a few can master. They do their jobs often unrecognized and with only the personal satisfaction that comes from making a tremendous difference in the lives of patients and families at the most difficult time. The Heart of Hospice award is a way that fellow hospice providers can showcase an individual who has made an outstanding commitment to the care of patients with terminal illnesses. Blanche Jewell is truly the Heart of Hospice.

Blanche is the third Pointe Coupee Hospice employee to receive this prestigious award.  In 2010 the award was presented to volunteer, Cindy Gaspard and her dog Wrinkles and in 2013 to the late Dr. Robert N. Helm. Dr. Helm was the agency medical director and hospice physician, as well as, a Pointe Coupee Hospice volunteer.

Congratulations to Blanche! During her acceptance speech, Blanche told the audience, “Hospice is about living”. She is a true gift to everyone she interacts with.

Becky Pardue Mississippi Winner and Blanche Jewell Louisiana Winner

Becky Pardue Mississippi Winner and Blanche Jewell Louisiana Winner







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Dr. Robert N. Helm, Louisiana Heart of Hospice Recipient

August 26th, 2013

dr. helm award pic

Shown here: Dr. Robert N. Helm- LA Recipient Heart of Hospice Award, Pointe Coupee Hospice Volunteer and Medical Director for Pointe Coupee Hospice and Homebound Health Services; Jamey Boudreaux-MSW, M. Div Executive Director of LMHPCO and Winston Fortenberry- Mississippi Recipient of Heart of Hospice Award, Volunteer Coordinator Camellia Home Health and Hospice.

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Pointe Coupee Hospice Volunteers…Making “Quilts of Love”

August 26th, 2010

Pointe Coupee Hospice is really proud of our hospice volunteer program.  Sylvia Chustz has a quilt making business called Sew Special and she donates some of her handmade quilts to our hospice patients.  Cindy Woodrow has a monogram and embroidery business out of her home called RBS Embroidery, she uses her talents to monogram the phrase,  “Quilts of Love from Pointe Coupee Hospice” on each quilt, and Carol Gautreau is also one of our  handmade quilt makers.  These quilts are very special and truly made with love by these generous ladies. Pointe Coupee Hospice would like to thank them very much for being part of our volunteer program.  For more information regarding this program and how you can become a hospice volunteer call Pointe Coupee Hospice at (225) 638-5717.

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Bird Feeder Project for Hospice Patients!

July 20th, 2010

Pointe Coupee Hospice Volunteers, Jane Jarreau and Blanche Jewell,  take time to re-fill a bird feeder outside a Pointe Coupee Hospice patient’s window at one of the  local nursing homes. This is just one of the many projects that the Pointe Coupee Hospice Volunteers do  for the hospice patients. If anyone is interested in donating items for this project or if you would like to become a Pointe Coupee Hospice volunteer please call (225) 638-5717 or email fmckneelypchh@yahoo.com.

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Pointe Coupee Hospice Volunteer, Cindy Gaspard, 2010 La Heart of Hospice Winner!

July 12th, 2010

Pointe Coupee Hospice and Pointe Coupee Homebound Health Services would like to congratulate PC Hospice Volunteer, Cindy Gaspard, for being selected as the 2010 LMHPCO Heart of Hospice Louisiana Winner!

Cindy and her dog, Wrinkles, provide an invaluable service by providing “pet therapy” to our hospice patients.

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